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Smaller parties losing out to ANC, DA and EFF

This week’s eNCA elections poll shows the smaller parties losing ground as voters shift from them to the three biggest players: the ANC, the DA and the EFF. This trend has affected Cope, the IFP, the MDM and the ACDP, among others. Together all these smaller parties only make up an average of 2.4 %, which has decreased in recent weeks from about 2.9 %. The polls show the DA holding its lead in all the three most-contested cities in the 3 August local government vote. The party remains strongly ahead of the ANC in Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay, while in Johannesburg the two parties are still running neck and neck.

Ipsos South Africa announces new Country Manager

Ipsos in South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Country Manager – Nick Coates, following the departure of previous County Manager, Ryan Gould. Nick has been within the Ipsos Group for 8 years and brings with him vast industry and management experience. Nick held the position Head of Marketing at Ipsos Russia for 4 years before relocating to South Africa to head up the Marketing specialisation at Ipsos South Africa. In this position, Nick has cemented the Marketing offering in the Ipsos South African business.

71% of youth state that they intend to vote on Election Day

With the Local Government Elections coming up on 3rd August, all political parties want to make the best of the remaining seven weeks to rally more support. With young people making up a good deal of new votes, it is valuable to know how they think and feel about politics, political parties, and local issues.

LCV owners getting top value in SA

The owners of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in South Africa are getting a very good deal in terms of their purchasing and servicing experience according to the results of the 2015 Ipsos customer satisfaction market research of the local automotive industry which were released recently. Not only is the LCV satisfaction with customer experience at new highs for both the purchasing and servicing experiences but there has also been an improvement in all except one of the 30 attributes – 15 for purchasing and 15 for servicing - that make up the Ipsos questionnaire.

Volkswagen Group tops in Customer Satisfaction in South Africa

The Volkswagen Group may be having problems with its image in many global markets in the backwash of the so-called Dieselgate emissions scandal, but here in South Africa Audi and Volkswagen are leaders in the field of customer care. This situation is very evident in the results of the latest Ipsos survey of customer purchasing and servicing experiences in 2015.

Half of people in nine European countries believe UK will vote to leave the EU

With the British referendum on European Union (EU) membership on 23 June rapidly approaching, a new poll from Ipsos reveals that half (49%) of Europeans in eight other EU countries believe that Britain will vote to leave the EU. The survey is published on Europe Day, the anniversary of the Schumann declaration arguing for greater political cooperation in Europe, viewed as one of the founding moments of the European Union.

Ipsos was recently recognised at the Unilever Agency Day

Ipsos was awarded the Digital Genius Award at the recent annual Agency Day held by Unilever South Africa. This award is given to a person or agency that actively supports implementation/migration to Digital in their proposals and methodologies.

Ipsos and UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing partner to uncover the potential of the Sub-Saharan Africa middle class.

The continent of Africa is largely viewed as the next big opportunity for business growth yet details remain sketchy, from articles denying its very existence to dramatic generalisation of what this market is all about.

The country is going in the wrong direction, say two-thirds of South Africans

Ipsos flash poll on key issues points to dissatisfaction in the country's direction and little trust in our President. 

On the eve of Human Rights Day, two-thirds of South African voters agreed that the country is going in the wrong direction. Other findings from a poll conducted over the past weekend indicate that South Africans are worried about issues undermining our democracy.

Nkandla should not be funded by tax payers say South Africans

More than four in every ten adult South Africans (42%) disagreed with the notion that President Jacob Zuma's private home should be funded by taxpayers.  This is an important finding of a question posed to a representative sample of South Africans in October 2015.

Service Delivery and Affordability

Four in every 10 South Africans trust the Government to deliver effective services to the public "In the midst of very trying economic circumstances, the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, will have to present a budget balancing the interests of the South African public, demanding effective and efficient service delivery, and the international credit rating agencies and investors who are worried about South Africa's ability to exhibit fiscal and monetary discipline," says Mari Harris, Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos in South Africa.

Nkandla should not be funded by tax payers say South Africans

More than four in every ten adult South Africans (42%) disagreed with the notion that President Jacob Zuma's private home should be funded by taxpayers.  This is an important finding of a question posed to a representative sample of South Africans in October 2015.

South Africans believe in happy future for all races

According to data collected late last year by independent research company, Ipsos, more than two thirds of adult South Africans (68%) are confident that all population groups in the "rainbow nation" should enjoy a happy future.

Denting President Jacob Zuma’s popularity and reputation

Three Ministers of Finance in five days is totally unheard of - however, this was exactly the news dominating the headlines the past few days. With the South African Rand basically in a free fall since president Zuma’s sudden announcement on 9 December 2015 that the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, will immediately be replaced by the largely unknown David van Rooyen, the country was in uproar.

Product Quality Awards 2015

Latest Ipsos Quality Study shows SA Motor Industry puts Quality First

Ipsos South Africa has announced the 2015 Product Quality Awards. This follows the Quality Awards Purchasing and Servicing Quality Awards which were announced in June this year. In 2014, the results of both surveys were announced simultaneously. What comes through clearly from these in-depth studies, which includes vehicles sold from January to December 2014 by manufacturers and distributors responsible for more than 83% of the country's annual sales volume, is that product quality in South Africa continues to improve.

Proud to be South African

Almost eight in every 10 South Africans (77%) agree that they are proud to be South African. This sentiment is slightly more pronounced amongst the younger age group (18 – 24 year olds).




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