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Ipsos South Africa announces new Country Manager


Bryanston 12 March 2015 – Ipsos in South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Country Manager – Ryan  Gould. This follows the announcement of Harald Hasselmann's departure. Hasselmann will be leading Ipsos's Nordics cluster in Scandinavia

​Ipsos Launches Ipsos Connect for Brand Communication, Advertising and Media Services


Paris, February 26, 2015 – Ipsos is pleased to announce the launch of Ipsos Connect, a global specialised business to coordinate Ipsos' services in the domains of Brand Communication, Advertising and Media. Ipsos Connect amalgamates the legacy brands of Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT.

S​outh Africans and the Economy


"Following the 2014 General Election, South African adults are marginally more optimistic about the direction in which the country is going. The performance of the government on the economic terrain is also viewed slightly more positively, however, no "pass marks" are achieved yet",[1] says Mari Harris, Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos in South Africa.

Oil Price good for us, but not for Africa


During his keynote speech at Ipsos' 40th Anniversary celebration, independent economist, Cees Bruggemans, outlined the pros and cons of the decrease in the oil price in terms of our economic prospects for 2015 – 2016. The price of oil has a direct effect on South African consumers and businesses – upping their purchasing power by about R100 billion, says Bruggemans. This in turn has a positive effect on the possible growth of our economy​​

Ipsos Poll: The “People’s Agenda” puts Job Creation as priority


The issue of “Unemployment/job creation/too few jobs” is seen as an absolute priority for almost 9 out of every ten South African adults (87%) when asked: “What are the most important issues or problems facing this country that the NEW government, elected in 2014, should address?” ​​

​Performance of the President: Ipsos Poll

About half of adult South Africans believe that President Zuma, Deputy President Ramaphosa and the National Government are doing their jobs very or fairly well.(Read more)​


​63% of Online South Africans believe that violence against children has become more frequent?

The majority of South Africans with access to the internet (63 %) believe that violence against children has become more frequent in the last 5 years. This is in line with the global average of 62% in 28 countries believing that violence against children has become more frequent. This is an important finding in view of today being International Human Rights Day and also the last day of the 16 days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children (Read more)​

​Are we settling for mediocre customer service?

The voice of the consumer has come to the fore in the last week with the dramatic events surrounding the banner that was erected by a disgruntled Cell C customer. The banner proclaimed Cell C to be "The most useless service provider in SA - Cell C Sandton City" and has brought the issue of customer experience under scrutiny. (Read more)

87% of South Africans are concerned about Ebola

87% of online South Africans have expressed some concern about the possibility of Ebola being transmitted to South Africa. This is according to a recent Ipsos poll conducted online in 24 countries.

Levels of concern in South Africa are higher than the global average (77% of all people interviewed globally say they are concerned about Ebola reaching their country). "This is not surprising, given the proximity of the outbreak and one or two Ebola scares in the South African press lately" states Mari Harris, Head of Public Affairs at Ipsos South Africa.​ (Read more)

55% say government is doing well in Uniting All South Africans into one Nation


​Just over a half of the South African population believe that our government is doing well in the effort to unite all South Africans into one nation. These are some of the prominent findings from a Pulse of the People survey conducted by Ipsos during March and April 2014. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with a randomly selected representative sample of 3730 adult South Africans from all walks of life.  ​(Read More)​​​​

Although price matters, brand reputation important for low-cost vehicle buyers

One in every three South African owners rated price as the most important purchase decision influencer, according to a recent study conducted by Ipsos. Price is followed by brand reputation, with roughly 16% of car owners placing great importance on the latter aspect. (Read More)​​​​

Latest Quality Study puts SA motor industry in a very good light

Ipsos South Africa (part of the second largest survey-based market research company in the world), and its 12 local syndicate members representing 18 brands, have announced both the 2014 product quality and customer experience (service received when purchasing or servicing) awards at the same time. Previously the results were announced separately.​

South African motor retailers continue to provide their customers with an exceptionally high level of service in both the sales and after-sales experiences. This has been highlighted in the 2014 Ipsos Quality Awards which were released in Johannesburg today and included personal interviews with the owners or drivers of more than 25 000 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles annually.​

Quality of SA cars and LCVs remains at a very high level​

South African motorists continue to enjoy the benefits of exceptionally high quality for both passenger and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) they buy. This has again been the outcome of the latest studies conducted by the renowned Ipsos research house and announced in Johannesburg today. The industry average number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) has remained around the 40 mark since 2011, which is a huge improvement since 2005 when this measurement indicated a score of over 140 problems per 100 vehicles recorded.​

58% see an improvement in women's rights

​​​About a fifth of women (21%) still believe that boys have more rights to education than girls and 23% believe that when jobs are scarce, men have more rights to jobs than women.  There is also a significant proportion – 34% of both men and women – that believes women should be kept in their place! Over a fifth of women (22%) believe that their place is in the house – with 27% of men agreeing with this sentiment.

Ipsos presents new thinking on Share of Wallet

​​​BRYANSTON – In a time when the economy is so volatile, it is important to understand customers' spending patterns. "Focussing on retaining customers alone does not have a big enough impact on a company's bottom line" states Rentia Kramer, Head of Ipsos Loyalty in South Africa. Even though your brand could be receiving high satisfaction and recommendation ratings from customers, it could still be losing sales if customers are more satisfied with, and more likely to recommend, a competitor. It is valuable and important to measure how happy your customers are and how likely they would be to recommend your, however it doesn't shed any light on how customers are dividing their spending between your brand and its competitors.​​

Low level brand loyalty and the new brand image in the Automotive market


BRYANSTON – More than a third (35%) of current car owners who are considering purchasing a new car in the near future say they will possibly purchase a different car brand to the one that they have, according to a recent study by Ipsos. A third of car owners feel undecided.

63 percent of South Africans are not online


BRYANSTON – Only 34 % of South Africans have access to the Internet, whilst 63% say they are not able to access it. This is according to a recent poll by Ipsos investigating various online habits of South Africans.

Overall, there is a larger proportion of the younger population accessing the Internet than older age groups. Only 34% of people aged between 35 – 49 years have access to the Internet and this drops to 14% amongst those over 50 years old. 


South Africans expect job creation and moral leadership in the next five years

When president Zuma delivers his State of the Nation address to open the new parliament next week (17 June 2014), South Africans would like him to focus on the government's plans for reducing unemployment and focus on job creation and to remind parliamentarians that voters expect them to show moral leadership.

​These are the findings from the latest Ipsos Pulse of the People™ study.​​

Ipsos p​re-election projections on the mark ​

​ ​

BRYANSTON – Ipsos in South Africa has proved its research accuracy through recent pre-election polls that have been conducted by the company. At its latest release of its poll findings (released Friday 2 May), the poll suggested that at a moderate voter turnout, ANC would garner 63% of the votes, and the DA 22%. ​(Read More)​​​​

Ipsos survey: Political party support pre-election

In the 2014 national election, as with the previous four national elections in the democratic South Africa, there is no doubt about which party will win the election. The ANC will return to parliament with an overwhelming majority of votes – and will most probably be the ruling party in eight of the nine provinces. (Read More)​​​​

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